• Q.How do I apply?

    A.We ask you to complete a short application form (just 5 questions). In completing the form, be mindful that creativity is a happy marriage of instinct and intellectual rigour – make sure you find this balance in your answers, so don’t overthink them, but do also give yourself time to do your answers justice.
  • Q.How long does my training last?

    A.Our Training and development is continuous and prioritised at Grey London, and this is true whatever level you join the agency. From formal internal and external training through to structured, on-the-job training, your manager is measured on their ability to develop you and fast track your talent. At entry level this includes the Upstart programme which teaches you the ‘Craft’ of every discipline in the agency. The training runs monthly and is repeated every six months, so no matter when you join, you will simply jump onto the scheme for six months. We also put huge emphasis on working on real clients and lives briefs as quickly as possible – usually within your first week. And within your first year, you will also complete your IPA Foundation Course.
  • Q.How fast can I hope to progress?

    A.That's completely down to you! You will join us as either a Junior Planner or Account Executive and then it's over to you. We have a meritocratic outlook so, if you are talented and work hard, you'll progress quickly.
  • Q.When can I start?

    A.For those who applied this year, we are aiming for a start date of September 2017, but if your situation means you're ready to start sooner then let us know and we will try to accommodate that. The training we offer on Upstart runs all year round so whenever you start, you can jump on the programme, ensuring you won't miss out on anything.
  • Q.What do these permanent positions pay?

    A.You will join us on a 'graduate' salary, which is competitive and we can talk to you more about this if you are successful at getting to interview.
  • Q.What is an apprenticeship?

    A.An apprenticeship is another way of gaining qualificatons in a workplace. You will also get to earn as you learn and gain valuable workplace experience and transferable skills. It is a way for people of all ages to earn while they learn, gaining real skills and knowledge and a real future. There are various levels available, from 'Intermediate' which is equivalent to 5 A*-C GCSEs, to a 'Degree' apprenticeship which is equivalent to a full bachelors or masters degree.
  • Q.Can I do an Apprenticeship if I've already been to university?

    A.The National Apprenticeship Service is designed for those who have chosen / are choosing not to go to university. It's a combination of both on- and off- the job training, where you will receive an academic-equivalent qualification at the end of it.
  • Q.How do I apply for an Apprenticeship at Grey?

    A.There is no direct route to Grey; you must first apply through the government apprenticeship website. Then a training organisation or provider will work closely with you to ensure you are put forward for apprenticeships at companies most appropriate for your skills. Apprenticeships are available in 1,500 occupations, across 170 industries, so you may or may not be shortlisted for Grey.
  • Q.Do I have to pay anything to become an apprentice?

    A.No. Your employer, whether that's Grey or another employer, will pay you a salary whilst The National Apprenticeship Service will pay for the costs of your training, depending on your age.
  • Q.What time of the year can I apply / start?

    A.You can apply at any time of the year. Starting your training just depends upon the availability of a position at an employer. If your training company partners with Grey, we accept new Apprentices once a year.
  • Q.What are the entry requirements?

    A.Different apprenticeships require different entry requirements however the main points to take into account are that: you must be living in the UK and not in full-time education. You must also be aged 16 or over, however Grey is only able to hire Apprentices who are aged 18 and over.
  • Q.I still don't get it.

    A.Visit www.gov.uk/apprenticeships or www.getingofar.gov.uk - between the two websites, they should answer any other questions you might have. Good luck and maybe see you soon!
  • Q.Can I do an Internship for longer than 1 month / is there a permanent job at the end of my Internship?

    A. As it's a rolling scheme, we can only guarantee 1 month. This will give you plenty of time to get stuck in, learn loads and make a great impression. However, sometimes the stars do align so, if you've really impressed us and there's a permanent role that becomes available, you'll get to interview with the relevant Head of Department and could be offered a permanent job.
  • Q.How many Brands/Clients will I work on?

    A. You will be mentored by one client team so that you can really get under the skin of how it all works. But you are not limited to just working on that account; we always have exciting projects going on which interns are asked to help out with – so please put your hand up when that 'all staff ' email goes round and get stuck in!
  • Q.When / how far in advance should I apply?

    A. You can apply anytime, all year round. Just put your proposed start date and we will try to work backwards. In fact, it's really helpful if you give us your full availability over the upcoming year, so we can consider you for all your available dates.
  • Q.When will I hear back?

    A. We receive lots of applications and review them on a rolling basis. We will let you know either way if you have been shortlisted for an interview. However, if you have applied for an internship several months away, you may not hear from us until we start reviewing applications for those dates
  • Q.I am a single Creative looking for an internship, can I apply for the Creative Team Placement?

    A. We are currently only looking for creative teams so you wouldn't be eligible for a placement. But do get in touch once you have found a team mate. A great place to meet likeminded people is www.singlecreatives.com
  • Q.Are the internships paid? And do you cover expenses?

    A. Yes, you will be paid for the 1 month you are with us.  We would rather pay you that wage than just expenses, so you will need to ensure you can cover your travel and food costs with your 1 month’s earnings.


  • Q.Can I apply for Upstart if I haven't been to University?

    A.Definitely. This is fundamental to Upstart. We are interested in your skills and talents, not where you got them from. Whether you are finishing up college, university or have already established a different career and looking for a change, we want you to apply.
  • Q.Can I apply for an Internship and for the Permanent Opportunity?

    A.Of course you can. We only open the Upstart Permanent Opportunity once a year so we understand you may not want to wait. Our Internships are open every month, and you can apply all year round, so feel free to apply and be sure to let us know all the dates you are available to do, as we may be booked up for your first choice slot.
  • Q.I don’t have any experience in the industry, can I still apply?

    A.Absolutely. This scheme is designed as an entry route into the industry. You will need to have done your research and have an understanding of the role you are applying for, but you won’t need to have worked in it before. Just make it clear why your experience and skills are relevant and why you are the right person for us.
  • Q.Can I apply if I live outside the UK?

    A.Yes, please do. However, you must have a VISA / be eligible to work in the UK and cover your own costs of getting to and working in London.
  • Q.Where will interviews be held?

    A.Whether you are interviewing for an Internship or Permanent role, you will be interviewing at our London offices in Farringdon on Hatton Garden, EC1.
  • Q.Can I apply if I am under 18?

    A.As we are unable to employ under 18s, we are afraid not. But please, bide your time and make sure you apply as soon as you hit 18.
  • Q.How do I get to your office?

    A.The two tube stations closest to the office are Farringdon (Circle, Hammersmith and City and Metropolitan line) and Chancery Lane (Central line), both about a 5-10 minute walk for our office in Hatton Garden. Our closest mainline station is Farringdon but we are also just one tube stop away from King's Cross.
  • Q.Will you pay for my travel and expenses when I come to interview?

    A.Sorry, unfortunately we are unable to cover these costs.
  • Q.What should I wear to an interview?

    A.We don’t really have a dress code; it’s smart-casual here so come in what you feel comfortable and presentable in.
  • Q.I am having technical problems with the application form, what should I do?

    A.Sometimes the application form is incompatible with certain browsers, such as Safari. Have a go at using some others; Google Chrome is best. If you are still having no joy, drop an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Q.Got a question we haven’t answered?

    A.Drop us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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